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Show your appreciation for your favorite cast member by sending them a special note of congratulations, praise, encouragement, or love in 2 sentences or less. Your sentiments will be featured in the full color Playbill for the upcoming show. Picture can be included (please see instructions below on how to submit a photo for your ad) Order your Program Good Luck Ad today!

Grinch Program Good Luck Ads

  • Please make sure when creating your Good Luck ad that you adhere to the 2 sentence maximum. If you happen to go over, your message may be shortened at our discretion.



    Elizabeth, we're so proud of you in your 1st production!

    Love Dad, Mom, and Kennedy


    In order to submit a photo to be included in your ad, please click here and follow the directions on adding an image to the shared theater album:

    You will be required to create a FREE account in order to upload a photo. After adding your image, please add the child's name in the caption or comment section of the picture.

    All sales final.



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