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Introducing our Summer Camp!!

One week of jam-packed theater fun!

The actors create their own show, learning about characters, costumes and even script writing under the guidance of trained counselors. Then they present a one-act play as a group to an audience on Friday during the final hour of camp. Each actor will be writing their own monologue, or making it up, learning improv skills, funny characteristics of character building, costumes for their character etc. It's a lot of teamwork with individual instruction for each actor. Then they put together the final show as a one act play all together. It's basically all aspects of theater, writing, directing, producing, costume and set design condensed so the actor can experience everything that it takes to create a production—and then they get to perform it for a live audience!

The showcase is free and open to the public. It takes place on the last day of camp at noon.

It all takes place at the Cedarburg Cultural Center, daily from 9am-1pm.


*The camp runs from Monday July 31 - Friday August 4

The summer camp fee is $359, which includes includes 20 hours of class time, all materials, and a final showcase.

Registration for Summer Camp now open!

Pay using the button on the right AND fill out the registration form on the left.


Summer Camp = $359

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