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Become a Patron of the Cedarburg Children’s Theater

Since 2017 The Cedarburg Children’s Theater has brought a wonderful theater experience to our community. Led by the fabulous Beth Albright, the Theater offers an opportunity for young children in our community to live the full theater experience by participating in a full-length production with a cast comprised of only elementary and middle school kids.


Beth’s motto is to “love every child to their potential”, which is exactly what happens as she casts the show and gives every single kid who participates in the production a speaking part. Yes, the kids learn to act and improvise, but more than that they learn life skills: they develop a strong self-esteem, they learn to work as a team and help each other, and they establish a sense of confidence, of belonging.


In 2023, our theater outgrew The Cedarburg Cultural Center and moved to the Homestead PAC, to accommodate our growing needs and to be able to provide the gift of theater to many more kids in the area. While our experience at Homestead was wonderful, we are very excited to come back home this fall. Our theater is moving to the CPAC. Around 1,000 spectators attend our performances, and we cannot wait to bring this experience back home to Cedarburg.


We would like to invite you to become a Patron of the Theater. Your sponsorship would support the cost of production and ensure that this unique program continues to benefit kids in Cedarburg, Mequon, Port Washington, and all over Ozaukee County.

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