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Melissa -Former Student, Age 23

"Where do I even begin! When I was just 9 years old, entering 4th grade, my family moved to Houston, TX. Not knowing anyone, my mom signed me up for Acting Up to meet other kids, although I had never done acting or theatre before.

From day one, I can't remember a time I didn't feel like family in the culture that Beth set. This group of kids, and theatre itself, became my 2nd home in the best way. I fell so in love with it that I continued to do local theatre for 8 years until 12th grade. I truly remember it as being the place I could most be 'myself' throughout my entire adolescence, and the place I was most accepted for ‘me’. Theatre became the place I was always welcome, where I discovered my truest self, and made my closest friends.

One of the things I remember most about Beth in particular was her deep love for each individual at the theatre, from looking after their sense of belonging, to the potential that lay within. Looking back, I can confidently say that Beth helped me discover and unleash dreams, gifts, and passions I never even knew were there before I began with Acting Up. She didn’t just provide a place for ‘after-school activities’ or a ‘summer camp’, but she truly believed in us and walked with us as we stepped into great possibility and a bright future.

Today, age 23, I am living in New York City after some time in Sydney, Australia. Reflecting back over the past 14 years, I can boldly say that my time with Beth at Acting Up built characteristics in my life that are irreplaceable. Although theatre was our expression (that we loved!), it was Beth’s heart and vision that stood out far beyond.

Beth taught me to go after my dreams, to work hard, to believe in myself, to have fun doing it, and to never give up. She provided an atmosphere where I was encouraged, loved, and believed in, no matter the skills or talents at hand, and an atmosphere where I could learn how to build strong friendships with a diverse dynamic of people. No matter the career path, acting or not, these are the qualities that formed a foundation in me for a lifetime. Qualities that have the ability to truly change the course of any young person’s life and the future they walk into.

Thank you Beth for who you are, for everything you did, everything you sacrificed, every gift you drew out of us, and every dream you believed in for us. I can confidently say I wouldn’t be who I am today without having met you! I will forever be grateful, and I will 100% support any endeavor you go after next, as I know there are still many more lives for you to influence and change for the best. Love you!!​"

Gabby -Former Student, Age 23

"When I joined Acting Up!, I was in the first grade. I was extremely introverted, very shy, and had just moved to a new school. Once I started Acting Up!, I became more confident to talk to others in my classes and was able to make new friends quite quickly, and that wasn't even the best part! I loved Acting Up! and it instilled a real passion for the arts in me at such a young age. I am so grateful to have met Miss Beth and the whole crew at Acting Up! If it wasn't for them, I don't think I'd have the confidence that I have today, at 23 years old with a job where I'm speaking every day (I'm in Marketing at Facebook :P ). Thank you, Miss Beth!!! You and Acting Up! will always have a special place in my heart!" 

Sarah -Former Student and LA Based Actress, Age 21:

I started at Acting Up when I was three, even though the age limit was four. I convinced Beth to let me start and ever since then I have been bit by the acting bug! Beth helped welcome me into the world of theatre in such a fun, loving way, that I still remember it today. Acting Up not only provided me with a wonderful environment to create and explore, but also with memories that I cherish. I couldn't be more thankful to have discovered my passion for acting in such a nurturing environment, one that allowed me to grow not only as an actor but as a person, too. 

Lindsey -Former Student, Age 27:

My very first job was at Acting Up studios, Mrs Beth and her husband took a chance on me and to this day it is still the most memorable job I have worked at. I watched their enthusiasm daily while pursuing such a beautiful dream. They poured their heart into the studio and into each child who walked through the door. Little did I know then just how rare that was. I met so many children working there and saw shy reserved kids blossom into outgoing confident kids full of personality and individuality. I had never seen so much positive change so quickly and still haven't to this day. I only wish the studio was still here in Houston to bring my own children to. It was such an incredible experience that will influence me for a lifetime."


Kelly - Former Student 1999-2005

Acting up was life changing. It allowed me to progress to be an outspoken, quick thinking, confident person at a young age. My personality was able to develop and shine through .  I was able express myself, as well as grow my confidence for public situation. The environment Mrs. Beth provides is an safe, welcoming and caring environment. Games such a freeze allow my young mind to develop outside of the box ideas, and use my imagination to make the situation relevant to the scene. Mrs. Beth is a huge reason why I am able to be who I am today. My BIG personality and character are seen every day because of the skills I learned from her. Anyone who is lucky enough to learn from such a great program, is a special one. There aint no mountain high enough, to keep me from getting to her! “



Mary Katherine - Former Student 1999-2005

"From the age of 4, Acting Up gave me an exciting outlet to build and explore my imagination and creativity. From puppets to dress up and improve and more, Mrs. Beth created an open environment in which we were encouraged to be as goofy and care free as possible. Allowing me to truly express myself from such a young age, Mrs. Beth helped to shape my creative mindset that I cherish today! Mrs. Beth's passion and love for acting shined through everything she did, and it radiated onto all of her students! I have no doubt that Beth Albright and her love had a huge impact on the person I am today, and I could not be more thankful for that!"  

Zoë - Former Student, Age 23:

"Beth has a gift for working with children. Some of the best memories of my childhood are from her acting classes, where fun and learning were plentiful under her loving and creative guidance. Confidence is just one of the many takeaways from a class with Beth. She gracefully allows each child to grow and express themselves free from embarrassment--just as learning should always be!"


Anita - Parent of Former Student:

"Acting Up was the best extracurricular activity that my children could have participated in! Both of my girls became more confident in themselves and it improved their overall social skills. Both girls anxiously awaited their time to be with Ms. Beth as she was the most loving and caring person. Ms. Beth pushed them to achieve their personal goals but did it in a fun and loving way. We were very heartbroken when Acting Up closed! There has never been anything comparable offered in our area. I would highly recommend for anyone interested in this activity to enroll as you will not be disappointed with the outcome! Break a leg Ms. Beth! You are a wonderful asset to any child!"

Maria - Former Student, Age 22:

"My best childhood memories are at Acting Up, from the enjoyable games, to the play performances my childhood wouldn't be the same without it. However, children's theater was a lot more than just an extra cuticular activity. I also gained a family there. The love and support given by Mrs. Beth was really what made Acting the most enjoyable. The way she interacted with everyone allowed us to feel comfortable with being ourselves and made it easier to preform on stage. She made us feel like theater was a second home, which made expressing ourselves much easier when it came to performances or any other activity we did there. The love and support that was given to us is what made children's theater so wonderful. It was also what meant the most to me growing up because as a child I use to be very shy but at Acting Up, I was able to grow socially. We also played many games, like "freeze", that allowed me to become a quick thinker and made me feel comfortable to express myself. Or as my 10 year old self once put it, "I use to be shy, but now I'm a chatter-box" lol. Children's theater is an amazing experience to have, especially when you work with Mrs. Beth. I would recommend anyone to invest in children's theater because there is a guarantee that your child will gain social, cognitive and problem solving skills, while still having the most fun in their life. Acting Up has had such a positive impact on my life today and I am so very grateful to carry those memories and skills with me today."

Larraine - Mother of Former Student

"James arrived in Houston a shy 5 year old struggling with his speech & with the help of Beth's nurturing, enthusiastic and caring teachings, James became a confident, successful , young man. Her improvisation classes brought out his comedic side, thoroughly enjoying the Pantomime cow costume, letting his imagination fly. Her classes provided a perfect environment to build lifelong Friends .... thank you Beth, wishing your next venture the success it deserves."

Katie - Mother of Former Students

"Beth Albright is the most extraordinary person I know. I have three girls.  During elementary school they were fortunate enough to participate in “Acting Up” with Ms. Beth.  Throughout those years, I noticed my girls growing in confidence and self-esteem.  Beth provided opportunities for my girls to cultivate poise, self-assurance, self-reliance and graciousness. These attributes contributed to their acceptance and graduation from St. Agnes, the premiere private girls high school in the Houston area.  Today my girls, all in their twenties, are exceptionally happy, confident and successful young women.  Although our time with Ms. Beth was over 15 years ago, my girls still remember her with gratitude and love.  Beth is an exceptional women and anyone lucky enough to know her is blessed."

Cameron - Former Student, Age 27

In my experience with Beth Albright and her program,  Acting Up, it was an extremely amazing time! I was one of the original ten kids in her program. This experience showed me how to not be afraid to do what you love to do and to feel confident doing it. I am very much thankful for the opportunity and sense of belonging while having fun with a group of people in a similar situation, trying to gain confidence in what they do. This experience has greatly improved my outlook on struggles and dreams of mine in life! Thank you, Beth!

Janine - Mother of 3 Former Students

"It is hard to know where to start when it comes to my love and appreciation for Beth Albright. Not only is she wonderful at teaching theater and acting, she was a mentor that inspired my three children to follow their dreams. Her approach was alway loving at the same time she instilled a work ethic to make each child feel accomplished and successful. Each of my children took the confidence that they gained from her and have used it to their benefit as adults. My oldest daughter went on to study theater at NYU and is now working in production in Hollywood. Looking back at our time at Acting Up it was certainly one of the highlights of my children's childhood."

John - Former Student, Age 24

Looking back to the days of Acting Up!, I can recall it was a place of warm welcoming. There was always room for you in Miss Beth's caring heart. It was through her motherly compassion towards all her students that she would pour herself and all her performing arts knowledge into everyone. Speaking from my own experience, I gained the self confidence to perform in front of crowds which helped me during our performances as well as at school to give presentations. I still don't like to give presentations but at least I learned the mental tricks so I can! Acting Up! was a safe place to explore yourself where you were encouraged to grow and try new things. All the silly improv games we played, they were both fun and educational. Acting Up! has given me plenty of happy memories, I wouldn't be me without them!

"This Program Has Made a Lasting

Positive Impact on My Life"

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